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American Septic & Side Sewer
A Side Sewer Contractor connects the piping between your private home or business
to the city Sewer System.  

If you own your home or building, you own your side sewer all the way to the public sewer main.

A side sewer permit is required for any work done to repair or replace either the house/business sewer or side sewer.  We can replace your old or leaky sewer pipes with new ones.
Side sewer pipe is required to be a minimum 4 inch diameter and must be made of PVC. 
If the pipe is being replaced it must be bedded in 5/8" crushed rock half-way up the pipe.

The county will have an inspector assigned to inspect your home/business when the job is complete to assure the work was done correctly and up to code.  Our work has passed 100% inspection the first time, EVERY time!

If you are repairing, replacing or installing a side sewer, we are the trusted ones to call.  American Septic and Side Sewer do only quality work and fast but at a price you can afford!

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups can be very unpleasant and they need to be resolved as quickly as possible to eliminate exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. 
Most frequently, sewer backups are a result of a clogged private side sewer line. 
You are responsible for maintaining the side sewer that runs from your home to the public sewer main.

If you notice slow drainage or you suspect a blockage, the problem is likely in your private side sewer line and you should contact American Septic and Side Sewer to investigate. 
We specialize in installation of new sewer main lines, private side sewers and sewer manhole installation.
We also have our own flagging crew for cost convenience.
Sewer Main Line
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