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Septic/Sewer Problem
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As scary as it may seem, your septic tank could be a ticking time bomb. Problems may arise at the most inconvenient of times. Luckily we offer 24 hour septic tank solutions!

We offer the best septic tank repairs in Snohomish County.  
Repairing your septic tank does not need to be a stressful ordeal.  

It is important to diagnose and repair small problems with your septic tank before they develop into costly septic disasters. Septic tank maintenance is one of our many specialties here. We pride ourselves in our ability to find the smallest of problems and prevent them from becoming worse. Even if you’re residential or commercial septic tank has no problems, it is important to keep it clean. Our expert cleaners will extend the life of your septic tank, guaranteed.
Septic/Sewer Problem
Call American Septic and Side Sewer, LLC for all of your septic needs before it becomes a costly disaster.
Serving all of Snohomish County for septic service.

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